If your vehicle needs minor paint touch ups, scratch repair (including alloy wheels) or a full vehicle respray, then you need Premier Paintworx.

Our colour matching technology will have your vehicle looking like new so you can relax while we work our magic!

The Respray Process

  1. Dismantle - Panels and/or parts are removed.
  2. Preparation - Panels are primed (undercoat) and sanded to smooth finish.
  3. Paintwork - Manufacturer's colour code is identified, paint is mixed to the exact colour using state of the art technology. A basecoat colour is applied and once dry a clearcoat is applied. Panels are baked until dry.
  4. Refit - Panels are refitted then checked for proper operation, alignment and any additional checks the manufacturer recommends. 
  5. Final Checks - All work is checked over by a fully qualified technician and they will only release your vehicle when they are completely satisfied.

Free quotes are available and provided by fully qualified technicians to give you the most accurate price.